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ASA international humanitarian film festival

The world is eternal friendship

Living in tranquility has been a long lasting wish of human being. Human beings have always been in quest of the tranquility which is associated with security and provides the people of society with the opportunity to sit and contemplate and also the opportunity to try to tread a path in which one may not move forward except by having faith. When this tranquility is gone prosperity comes to an end and there remains nothing in the memory of captured pictures but ruin and destruction which manifest their presence as bitter but decisive; hence, the crucial necessity of inviting people to assume fellow feeling and sympathy and the endeavor towards achieving it in our contemporary world. 

The celebration of this very nobility of human character was the motivation which made the ASA team found and plan to hold a film festival on humanitarian issure and its appreciation.

This International film festival is named “ASA” and the UN office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) cooperated with ASA team to stage it in Iran and switzerlan. And this year the Weimar city will cooprate with the ASA to stage it in Germany, September 28th to October 2ed, 2018 

Because of its humanitarian theme and the company of great cinematic centers and internatonal humanitarian organizations, ASA .enjoys a proper international oppreciation 

“ASA” stands for peace and tranquility 

(“Asayesh” in Persian)



Commencement for festival call March 18th
Congress for the roles of humanitarian subjects in film scenarios  May 4th
Ending day for accepting the films  June 18th
Choosing and announcing the accepted films for release and competition part till September 1st
Judging day Till September 15th
Opening day of festival September 28th
Release day of films September 29th- October 1st
Ending day for the festival and announcing chosen films of festival October 2nd



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Middle East Studies Program, California State University, Fresno


Future Cineaste Association


Golden Griffin Pictures


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