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ASA International Humanitarians Film Festival

Nowadays,natural and unnatural events like flood,earthquake,war and other similar events as big pains of human beings,will have irritant scenes of annoyance and destruction and load of people will be destined to die.

All around the world,media,wellwishers,responsible people and artists are in a hurry to help the rescued and injured people and they depict a divine picture of altruism,after a short while,victims of these tragic events will be forgotten and what remains is that annoying destruction in front of their eyes who are in touch with the disasters.

Here,cinema and image are powerful instruments that could provide the culture of helping 'forgotten victims' known as world awakening action.

'ASA' group by founding an international festival called humanitarianism and respecting human beings,has started its efforts in 2008 to provide an important occurance and now it has commenced   an activity named:"world humanitarian film festival".

Assessments and researches for establishing a center for this very festival in cultural and artistic city of Weimar in Germany have been done, Spectacular city with a rich and valuable culture for a long time.

Choosing Weimar for attracting artists all around the world is the advantage of it.

The festival has attracted global film in two parts of short film(till 40 mins) and long film,and the main competition would be for short films,the long films are in ceremonial part of the competition and they are not in the competition.

After the call,60 short films will be chosen to be on and be judged.

Films will simultaneously be on in Weimar university and some other countries.(29th September till 1st October).

Opening day of the festival will be in September the 28th by presence of Weimar mayor cutting the cake,authorities and a professional artist and guests in which there will be fireworks and this special event will officially start having films on and assessing them.

While the films are on,three technical workshops will simultaneously be presented for people who are interested in. People fond of participating in these workshops have got to register through the festival website or secreterial department.


Commencement for festival call March 18th
Congress for the roles of humanitarian subjects in film scenarios  May 4th
Ending day for accepting the films  June 18th
Choosing and announcing the accepted films for release and competition part till September 1st
Judging day Till September 15th
Opening day of festival September 28th
Release day of films September 29th- October 1st
Ending day for the festival and announcing chosen films of festival October 2nd



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