Terms and Conditions

Rules and regulations of ASA film festival:

Specific requirements:

  1. The subjects of the film should be related to humanitarian issues.
  2. The maximum time needed is 40 minutes.Otherwise,it would go for the other part.
  3. There won't be any limitations relating to the number of sent films from a person.


General requirements:

  1. All public organizations,institutions,film-makers and producers are allowed to participate.
  2. All sent files to the festival secretarial department should be in form of DV,DVD or VCD,suffixes of all files should be mp4 as well.
  3. The sent files to the festival won't be returned for the revision.
  4. In case of being chosen,the original file should be presented to the secretarial development.
  5. There is no responsibility from secretsrial department for inappropriate form of sending from participants.
  6. After having films in festival,there is no opportunity to bring them out.
  7. Filling the form of psrticipating in festival is online and it should be attached with 2 photoes of director(3*4),2photoes of the scene and a photo of backstage.
  8. Films which don't have a good quality and technical standard will be deleted from the competition.
  9. and there won't be a chance of being accepted for the films of which the documents are incomplete.
  10. All the films should have English subtitles.
  11. The films which are definite to be shown will be announced on the website of the festival.
  12. The films in competition part will be certified.
  13. Request form of participation should be confimed by the producer.
  14. Signing the request form of participation and confirming the online form are considered to have accepted all the rules and regulations.


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