2539 Films have been received from 122 countries.
  • 2539 Films have been received from 122 countries.

    The deadline to send films to the humanitarian film festival for filmmakers was 15th of jun.

    In accordance with the public relations of "ASA" film festival, 2539 films have been received by the secretary.

    The second festival of humanitarain films of ASA, by cooperating the city of Weimar,Germany and Majid Mosahebi,The Director of festival, will be held since 28th Septembertill 2nd October about the following subjects:

    A world without boundaries,eradicating poverty and hunger,The hurts of refuge, forgotten victims, man and environment,Women contrasting modern and traditional societies,hurts of war,lack of water,Children and global disasters.

    The second humanitarian film festival of "ASA" will be held in fields of short films,documents and animation and some long films will be on beside the main parts.

    The first film festival of 'ASA' was formerly held in Iran and Swiss by cooperation of UN OCHA, UNDP, and the world Red Cross.


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