Festival Manager

Name: majid

Surname: Mossahebi

Email: majid.mosahebi@gmail.com

Date of birth: 21/02/1979

Place of birth: Iran

Job: Documantary Director

Job development:

  1. CEO and owner of Future Cineaste assoc. (2002 till now)
  2. Founder,secretary of international humanitarian film festival (ASA)(2008 till now)
  3. designer and member of film industry association(2011)
  4. executive secretary and member of association in “work film”(2013)
  5. Jurry of first international festival of Parvaz film for handicaps
  6. Writer of "Dark Blue" movie and "Endless" in 2016
  7. Director and Producer of documentaries
  8. Manager of national and internatinal Mining photo shoot Festival (2016, 2017)
  9. Writer and Researcher in the field of cinema documentaries
  10. Corporation with UNESCO UNOCHA and UNDP
  11. Corporation with Red Cross in visual magazine about peace
  12. Member of the skill group in Red Crescent and corporation in educational movies of young Red Crescent team
  13. Consultant of industrial minister in the field of researching in "Culture and the Documentation".(2016-2017)
  14. Manager of visual educations “Donyaye- Eghtesad “newspaper
  15. Establishing international office of humanitarian activity of ASA festival in Geneva and arranging simultaneously first humanitarian festival in Iran (2008)
  16. Being in the United Nation as an active defending member of victims of aggression
  17. Owner of many awards from National festivals and a certificate for the best director from "we care" festival in India, Owning the fourth award of Art producing centers of counties
  18. Organiser of the 2nd festival for handicaps in Iran ( filme parvaz)
  19. Writer and Researcher in the field of cinema documentary


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Middle East Studies Program, California State University, Fresno


Future Cineaste Association


Golden Griffin Pictures


InterkulTurelle woche 2018